About Sydney BD 


Sydney BD (http://www.sydneybd.com.au) is a free online business directory that caters to small and medium-sized businesses in the city of Sydney. It is an online directory for neighborhood businesses, for small coffee or flower shops, for carpet cleaners, and other local businesses and service providers.


Since our launching in early 2012, we have managed to attract Sydney residents who are looking for a certain product or service online. Our monthly unique visitors have also grown over time because we have designed the site as simple but as effective as possible.


And yes, local businesses love us because we provide them with online presence they so deserve. Online promotion is an expensive marketing spiel that only big companies and businesses can afford. That used to be the mindset of small business owners in Sydney until they found Sydneybd.com.au.


It’s All About Local Businesses in Sydney 


When Sydney residents search the net for a wedding planner or an insurance agency, what their searches used to return are listings of businesses in the US or Melbourne. With Sydney BD, however, locals now easily find the nearest pet shop, the neighborhood construction store, the nearby real estate agents, with just a few clicks of the mouse or taps on their gadgets.


Sydney BD provides local businesses with online presence and access to a much-wider target market. Listing here is FREE but the benefits we provide are far more than what paid online directories are offering.


Our benefits include: 


          - Effective online presence

          - High search engine rankings

          - Locally-targeted online market

          - Online exposure that can lead to business growth


And yes, all these you can get for FREE when you list in Sydney BD. Each free listing is composed of the following:


          - Your business name and address

          - Contact details including link to your website

          - Product or service details

          - Google map of your address

          - One-page website where you can post announcements


… and more!


Commitment to the Local Sydney Community 


Sydney BD was created and is operated by a group Sydney residents who know exactly what the local community needs – an online business directory of small businesses and service providers for their local and urgent needs.


We want people in Sydney to immediately find the products and services they want that are available within a few blocks away from their residences. Likewise, we want small and medium-sized business owners to have a place where they can get online exposure and better capture and serve the local community.


We are no saints, but all these we provide for FREE. Only here on SydneyBd.com.au!


About Sydney 


Sydney is the most populous city in Australia. And for business owners, the more people the city has, the better for their businesses. A high ranking world city, Sydney is home to several international companies and businesses that make the state the financial and economic center of Australia.


Despite Sydney's reputation as a global business region, the local government continues to promote the development of small and medium enterprise. It has enacted local laws that protect small businesses and provide assistance to start-up investments. Sydney is home to various small and medium businesses in various industries and sectors.


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