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About AusPacific Group Pty Ltd

AusPacific Group is an amenity products supplier and distributor based in Sydney, NSW 2000 Australia. We sell a variety of non-perishable products and cater to a wide range of sectors including hotels, schools, massage clinics and hospitals. Our products include Hotel soaps, hotel shampoo, hotel slippers, hotel bin liner, hotel shower gel, hotel shower cap, hotel bath towel, hotel dental kits, hotel glass bag, hotel toilet seal, and more. We offer the best prices on the market being on average 20% to 50% cheaper than our competitors. In fact, during our 5 years of operation, our average prices havenít increased at all. This not only reduces your overheads costs, but also adds a dash of stability in the unstable world of business. We ensure product quality by care fully screening all the products we buy. As a result, we maintain the best quality per price measure. This means that at a given quality, our prices will always be lower than that of our competitors. We can supply anything


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