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About Baileys Diesel Group

Owning a vehicle is not all. You are required to take proper care of the diesel engine it has and carries out it’s servicing promptly. Baileys Diesel Group is surely one of the most renowned names in the business who has made its place in the industry by providing quality services over 40 years. We have our clients all around Australia including WA, Canberra, Perth and Wollongong. Starting from the mining to the transportation industry, we have changed the face of the automobile industry with our pledge of doing good work.


Our Services:


• Reconditioning fuel injection equipment

• Development of exchange program that includes high-end vehicles like Toyota, Mazda, Isuzu, Ford, Nissan, Mitsubishi and others

• We sell and service different parts of your engine in our online store to improve the performance of your vehicle


Our Products:


• Diesel Injectors

• Blueprinted Performance Parts

• Fitting Kits

• Fuel Lines

• Diesel Fuel Pumps

• High-Pressure Rails

• Turbochargers

• Filter Kits

• Catch Can kits

• Suction Control Valves

• Stepper Motor

• ECU Shop Products

• Hilux injectors

• Prado Injectors


Why Choose Us:


• We have taken the pledge of pleasing our customers with the superior quality service, and that is why our products come with a warranty policy

• We help you to bring out the best in your diesel engine

• Our team keeps up with the technical updates to make sure our clients can remain satisfied by getting the best out of us

• Our team of diesel mechanic in Wollongong have utilised our patented technology to make the combustion optimised in the strongest diesel engines

• Every injector along with the VP44 pump we sell comes with three years of warranty

• We take the pride of having a long history in providing quality services to fuel pumps along with the injectors


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