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California Psychological Inventory | CPI260

Visit Career Test HQ to take the CPI260 online for only $110AUD wh...

Myers-Briggs Communication Style Report

If you're looking to explore your communication style in workplace...

Strong Interest Inventory

If you're looking to find a career matched to your interests and p...
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About Career Test HQ

Career Test HQ provides quality career tests and careers advice online. If you are looking for a career or simply unhappy or dissatisfied in your current career we can help you. Our career counselling products include: - Strong Interest Inventory - Myers-Briggs personality assessments - FIRO - California Psychological Inventory (CPI) - Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument (TKI) - MSCEIT emotional intelligence test.


All our assessments are able to be taken online and you'll receive a detailed printable report and results consultation with a psychologist via phone or email. So visit us today!


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