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About Corka - Mens Swimwear Shop

"Corka is a men's swimwear business based in Sydney, Australia. We designed our range of swimwear in response to the growing demand for the classic Australian men's swimming brief. We pride ourselves on our superior fabrics, classic styling and an exceptional customer experience. Our swimmers are proudly made in Australia. Our mission is to see our classic Aussie men's swimming brief being worn in every corner of the land, from the sports fields to the coastlines of the world. Whether you are at the beach, getting ready to go to the gym or hanging around at home, we want you to be wearing your favourite Corka gear. We have a great range of lifestyle products. Our t-shirts, towels, caps, swimmers and sports bags give the health conscious bloke just about everything he needs to get our and about. We even make a t-shirt for the lady of his life. The Corka logo features the iconic Southern Cross, a reminder to our customer's, no matter where they are, they are wearing a little piece of Aus


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