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About Down Town Interiors

Tamworths own Downtown Interiors specialises in residential and commercial furnishings that stand out from the crowd. This interior designing company has been in business for 38 years and have the experience required to transform your house. Downtown Interiors in Tamworth supply and install a range of blinds, awnings, shutters curtains and wallpaper to suit your style and ensure that it fits the brief, whether it be residential or commercial.

Downtown Interiors Tamworth based team of experienced consultants will deliver innovative window treatment solutions for all windows and decorating ideas for all spaces, environments, needs and styles.


The interior decorators and consultants have years of experience creating complete design solutions for private residences and commercial businesses. They work with you to bring your vision to life, creating dynamic interiors that flow effortlessly and reflect who you are. From single rooms and house-wide makeovers to full commercial concepts and designs to make your business stand out, the Tamworth-based professionals are the team to call.


Downtown Interiors understands the need for unique interior designs that accurately reflect your individuality. As such, all professional interior designers in Tamworth customise their services to suit your specific needs. They work with you to personalise your own flawlessly stylish spaces that you'll enjoy for years to come. A range of solutions can help you discover the perfect style for your home.


This team of interior decorators in Tamworth also consult with clients regarding modifications to existing designs. If you've collected a great selection of furnishings but need help bringing it all together, Downtown Interiors can help. The innovative team knows how to get the best out of different styles, creating a sense of continuity and harmony.

Big brands

This Interior Design company in Tamworth carry a range of all the big brands and top quality products to ensure that personalised stylish touch including:

- Wortley group

- Charles Parsons

- ESR Blinds Harlequin

- Hoad

- James Dunlop

- JW Design

- Peter Meyer Blinds

- Just Blinds & Shutters

- Sanderson

- Warwick

- Wilson

Downtown Interiors are always updating and researching new products and pride themselves on their knowledge of the latest decor ideas. Whatever the project size, their team of decorators with a huge range of samples are ready to assist. Call now to arrange an initial consultation to begin your journey in creating functional interior spaces and reflect your personality and lifestyle.


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