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About Efflorescence Treatment Sydney

Several techniques are suggested for Efflorescence. One is to use water under force or one of a number of products available from stone dealers; another is muriatic acid with subsequent flushing with water. Acid applied to brick masonry, without preceding wetting, may cause "burning" or discoloration of the brick and may also eat into the mortar. a variety of methods have been used in attempts to take away efflorescence from masonry structure. It has been found that when efflorescence is caused by soluble salts, the salts will dissolve in water applied to the structure and migrate back into it. These salts would then come back on the surface as the structure re-dried. It was learned so, that the most excellent way to remove these soluble salts was to brush the surface thoroughly with a stiff brush. Water, however, has been acceptable for removing efflorescence from the face of concrete structures, since concrete is fairly well saturated with water.


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