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About EnviroTech

EnviroTech is an environmental consultant and engineering consultancy firm is made up of a professional multi-disciplinary team of scientists and engineers. Our team of geotechnical consultants and bushfire consultants in Sydney possesses a comprehensive range of geotechnical and environmental services that will help you meet Local Council and State Government requirements for approving development applications. We can help you with:

  • Wastewater Management - We conduct comprehensive investigations for wastewater management and treatment systems.
  • Stormwater Management - Our civil engineers specialise in stormwater management, design, and risk assessment for all types of projects.
  • Bushfire Consultants - Living or building in a bushfire prone area? We do bushfire hazard assessments and prepare strategic evacuation plans.
  • Environmental Site Assessment - Our team of environmental engineers thoroughly assesses potentially contaminated sites and prepare remedial action plans as required.
  • Flora & Fauna Assessment - Our ecologists have the expertise and equipment to perform flora and fauna assessment on small and large sites.
  • Noise & Acoustic Assessment - We provide acoustic engineering services for construction, environmental and industrial projects.
  • Geotechnical Site Investigation - Our team of geotechnical engineers carry out geotechnical site investigations and design planning for all types of development projects.
  • Occupational Hygiene - We have the capacity to assess, evaluate, monitor and recommend control actions for potential and real hazards.

Why Choose EnviroTech?

  • Experience - With over 12 years experience, we have the expertise to prepare reports that will be accepted and approved. We have undertaken thousands of projects over the years which allow us to provide you the most cost-effective designs or solutions.
  • Customer Focus - We have implemented strategies to ensure we meet and exceed your expectations. Our administration team is specifically trained in customer service and our project team works hard to deliver quality customer service.
  • Industry Recognition - We are Quality ISO 9001 certified and we are a proud 2014 Blue Mountains Business Awards finalist. We are also members of several industry associations including Fire Protection Association, Australian Water Association and more.
  • Quality - As a Quality Assured Company, we focus on delivering effective solutions that are focused, innovative, timely, within agreed details and in accordance with government requirements. We continually improve our key processes.

We offer geotechnical designs and assessment services for residential, commercial and industrial development projects throughout Sydney and beyond. For experienced environmental consultants in Sydney, call EnviroTech on 1300 888 324 or visit today.


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