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About Everyday Cashmere

Everyday Cashmere is a boutique clothing brand designed for people who have the confidence to wear the finest quality cashmere and silk garments, Everyday.


Your wardrobe is a reflection of you. Each piece is like a friend. You care for them, travel the world with them, smile when you wear them and feel 100% natural in them. Cashmere and silk, are like your second skin. They are natural fibres that move and breathe with you. They give you something back, that’s a feeling of confidence that makes you shine as you go about your everyday life.


I started the company two years ago while living in Shanghai. At first I had my favourite wardrobe pieces made in cashmere. Then my friends wanted some, so I had some more made. The cashmere travelled, got washed in baby shampoo in many countries throughout the world and then returned for a review.


We worked hard on handcrafting each piece in the range with the care and awareness of a woman’s needs. The fit and design suits the female form and her lifestyle, trans seasonal climates, travel, the office, the car, feeling sexy, feeling comfortable and affordable for everyday living.


Treat each piece like a friend


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