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About Hertz Home Services

Pests and termites are something which can’t be prevented from entering your house, but with technical advancements, it’s now possible to prevent an infestation from occurring in your house. We here at Hertz Home Services, have been providing services of pest and termite control in Penrith for several years now and we pride in the quality of services we have consistently maintained.


Services we provide:-


It’s not that we provide only pest control services as our range of services is really wide. Some of the other things which we provide are:- 

• Carpet Cleaning 

• Cleaning services 

• Landmowing


Although we have an extensive experience in the pest and termite control industry from 1983, the company Hertz Home Services was formed in 2009 and we have maintained the quality of pest and termite treatment in Penrith since then. Every one of our staff is highly trained and qualified in industry standards so that they can provide you the best possible assistance. With the help of thorough inspections, we can ascertain the cause and location of infestations so that it doesn’t spread and damage your house.


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