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Dr. Joe Donnoli is the Principle Practitioner at Inate Health located at 124 Mount Street Heidelberg. Dr. Joe has developed and refined extensive skills in spinal manipulation (adjustments) with over 1.2 million adjustments performed over 34 years of practice since graduation from R.M.I.T in 1984. His clinical methodology combines evidence-based chiropractic treatments together with physical therapeutics (ultrasound and interferential) and massage, to achieve faster and clinically stronger results. Mount Street Chiropractic Centresí superior diagnostic processes and patient outcomes have been recognized by way of referrals from medical practitioners including GPís. Dr. Joe has also been a member of the ACA (Australian Chiropractic Association) for over 34 years and a member of the SCA (Sports Chiropractic Association) for over 5 years. He is an external examiner for 4th and 5th year students. Dr. Joe Has been part of the Student Mentoring Programme for the last 10 years, a programme aimed at allowing undergraduate student to observe, participate and expand their knowledge in a safe, professional clinical environment.


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