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We’re an A1 grade monitoring centre with fully certified security monitoring staff providing protection for your most valuable asset – your business. From SME’s to major firms like ALDI, we provide security solutions that suit your specific needs. And with alarm monitoring from as little as $33.95/month* you should see what JD Security can do for you.

Don’t let anyone sell you an analog CCTV system this year that doesn’t come with an iPhone or Android app. Better still; don’t even buy an analog CCTV system this year. Axis Camera Companion is a video surveillance solution for small systems, from 1 to 16 cameras – perfect for retail, offices and hotels. All video is recorded on SD cards inside the cameras – making each camera a smart independent video recording device, with the option of archiving the video to a network attached storage device.

You can use your iPhone, iPad or Android device for viewing live or recorded video, or exporting video after an incident.

JD Security is focused on providing IP CCTV and video surveillance solutions that you can access from your smartphone. We only deal in best in class products for the iOS and Android platforms. Our vendors include:

- Mobotix

- Axis

- Genetec

- Panasonic

These are just some of the great products that we recommend....and use! Some of our clients have massive facilities such as Caltex Australia, or small shop fronts like our client Foot Locker uses. Our IT and tech teams have extensive knowledge that has been hard won over decades of providing only the best service in their field. Our Security monitoring staff are ALL certified and rigorously trained.

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