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About Light Mountain Finishes

Interior Painting and Decorating by Light Mountain Finishes. Licensed tradespersons recognised as best Sydney Painters in Bondi and the Eastern Suburbs area. Do you have a Residential home that needs painting?  Are your walls in dire need of a re-paint? Is the paint flaking off your exterior cladding or fenceposts? Are your ceilings looking dull and lifeless? Is your colour scheme severly faded and dated? Do you have Interior Decorating or Painting that is needed? Exterior walls that need a touch up with paint? Do you require a professional Interior Painters with a Decorative touch to your home? Qualified, Expert, Insured, Professional Service by Light Mountain Finishes.


It can be difficult to find an acceptable tradesperson to work on your prized home. Light Mountain Finishes are here to help you with the best Painters and Decorators Sydney can provide. Whether you like to use brushes or rollers the painting requires someone who has the skill necessary to get the job done right. We are Premier Residential Painters, it is our specialty. We use top quality paints such as Dulux Weathershield, Dulux, Taubmans, and Cabots. We select the right paints for each wall or surface. For example, we use special paint for ceilings and different ones for wood and floor boards. For undercoats and primers we use lasting protective paint to help your house last longer. When using paint scrapers and strippers be it chemical or manual, we take great care. We use rollers and brushes that give us excellent control to help with fine detailing. Sometimes a Paint sprayer comes in handy for larger surfaces. Stucco, gloss, satin, stucco stripes, custom designs, we can help you find what works. Gloss timber, modern interior finishes are our specialty. We also do flexible stucco. We have worked on some of the best projects in Sydney. We work 7 days a week if you prefer weekends too.


We are professional Painters with attention to detail. We do not rush through your job. We take great care to ensure that you are pleased with the end product. There are simply too many reasons to take your time when house painting. Firstly, the job is lasting. Usually many years will go by before you choose to paint your surfaces again. Therefore it needs to be done right the first time. Also if mistakes are made it can be very difficult to remove the bad work or to have to paint over it again. That is the last thing that you want to do. Secondly, you live in the house. You are looking at the painted surfaces all the time, you want it to look good. A shoddy paint job will annoy you greatly. A bad colour scheme may affect your mood in the house. Thirdly, resale value. If the walls are a bad colour then people will be put off purchasing your property. Call Light Mountain Finishes for an expert decorating and design service.

We are licensed, accredited Sydney Painters that want to make a difference for you. Dulux and Resene are the brands that we use for the best results!

Call Light Mountain Finishes today! 0421 344 171


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