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EzyAccounts – Your Marayong Bookkeeper Many businesses hire a bookkeeper because they have to. With BAS, GST, Payroll, superannuation payments, and other tasks, a professional bookkeeper is certainly necessary. Yet many business owners only hire bookkeepers for these tasks, nothing else. In such cases, bookkeeping becomes a simple compliance task. However bookkeeping can – and should – be so much more. More Than Compliance At EzyAccounts, our business is built on the belief that bookkeeping should be an investment in your business’s success. So at EzyAccounts, we make your profitability and efficiency our business. How We Work You’ll have a mobile bookkeeper work with you to completely manage your business’s bookkeeping requirements. With plain-English advice, analysis, and reporting, we give you the information you need to make your business more profitable and efficient. EzyAccounts Bookkeeping We provide a number of services all performed by professional bookkeepers. These services include; BAS, GST, Payroll, Superannuation payments, analysis and reporting, and so much more! Check out our website for the latest up-to-date information on how we can help you achieve your business’s max potential.


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