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About Mindful Health Hypnotherapy & Counselling

Lee-Anne is a fully trained Medical Hypnoanalyst, a family and couple therapist and counsellor. After obtaining her Psychology degree with first class honours Lee-Anne has been helping people in the community for over 15 years. Lee-Anne has worked closely with Government in many communities to assist in programs designed to manage drug and alcohol issues. In addition Lee-Anne has counselled individuals, couples and families who were struggling with their own or someone else’s addiction. Co-morbidity issues associated with addiction such as anxiety and depression are areas of great attention to Lee-Anne. Often it is not just the individual with the addiction who suffers from anxiety and depression but also the family members who can be deeply affected by severe long term stress, depression and anxiety. Lee-Anne recognises the value and effectiveness in hypnosis for bringing out underlying issues for mental health concerns and embraces the modality to further assist individuals, couples


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