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Ergonomics Advice

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Ergonomics means science of work and a person’s relationship to that work. Ergonomics is derived from two Greek words: ergon, and nomoi, where ergon stands for work and nomoi stands for natural laws. So combining, it means working according to the natural law. The study of how people adapt their work/home environment is Ergonomics. Today’s inactive lifestyles at home and work results in poor working habits. The main risk factor of development of back and neck pain can be furniture. The discipline of ergonomics is based on building products and tasks comfortable and resourceful for the user. Primary principle of ergonomic can be defined as the science of fitting the work to the user rather than forcing the user to fit the work. The practitioners of ergonomics are known as ergonomists, who study work, how work is done and how to work better. There is an effort to make work better. To increase the value of ergonomics, here comes the phenomenon of making things comfortable and efficient for the user. Ergonomics is also useful in designing services or processes, in addition to products. Ergonomics helps in defining how the product is used, how it can fulfill user’s needs and most importantly whether user will like it or not. It helps in making things comfy and effective. Comfort The greatest feature of a design’s efficiency is comfort. The principal of ergonomic design is comfort in the human-machine interaction and the mental features of the product or service. Comfort in the human-machine interaction is observed first. How an item feels is pleasing the user comes in physical comfort. If user does not like to touch, he won’t. And if user does not touch it, it will not operate and hence it becomes useless. The usefulness of an item is the only perfect measure of the quality of its design. The designer’s job is to find new and original ways to increase the utility of a product. An item’s instinctiveness and comfort makes it successful in the market. Feedback provides the mental aspect of comfort in the human-machine interaction. Quality material should be used in making a quality product. The characteristics of a product or service like its look, feel, use and durability help you in making decision. Principally, it lets you estimate the quality of the item and compare that to the cost. The better ergonomics, the better quality which will allow the user to be more relaxed with the value of the item. The following simple steps can be followed to be comfortable:- Sit with your back against the backrest. (tilt the chair back slightly if that helps) Have the thing you use most closely to you. (Keyboard, paper work, mouse, etc.) Top of screen at eye height (if you touch type, if not base of screen 4″ off desk) Screen, keyboard in center, mouse close, phone in easy reach. DO NOT hold the phone to your ear with your shoulder, use a headset! Most desks are for people 5′ 6″ (taller, raise the desk, smaller, use foot stool) Every 30 minutes get up and walk round the desk, every hour walk a bit further. Take a brisk 15-20 minute walk in the middle of the day
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