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Our business website, 'Clear Asbestos Removal,' is dedicated to helping you get in touch with asbestos removal experts in the city of Sydney, Australia. We are a highly experienced team of professionals with years of experience, each of us licensed for the careful inspection and removal of all types of asbestos. Prior to a few decades ago, asbestos was often used for new home constructions and renovations. If the date of your home's construction or renovation falls prior to 1985, then it's very likely asbestos was used. Specifically asbestos cement was widely used, and some of the products include shingles for roofing, drainage pipes and even flooring materials. Many do-it-yourself home improvement projects can cause you to be exposed to asbestos. Have you heard of mesothelioma? It was once believed that this specific form of cancer, which is linked to asbestos exposure, was only due to consistent exposure in a workplace setting. However, it is being discovered that it's possible


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