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Thumbs Up Cleaning is one of the leading contractors and they are our #1 partner. We have very high standard, which they have exceed time and time again. Communication and follow up is important to us and they create that their priority. Couple that with hiring the right people and guidance them to be answerable, and you’ve got a long-term partnership.As is the case with many cleaning companies, the Thumbs Up Cleaning story begins with our founder, who started out in the industry working as a cleaner. His first small company suffered a devastating blow when he lost his main customer, and he ended up closing the business. However, unlike many entrepreneurs who locate themselves in that state, he did not give up. He took the lessons he learned from that failure and practical them when he started Thumbs Up Cleaning.  Under his leadership, Thumbs Up Cleaning has grown from a small start-up process to a national organization with over many office branches that serve over 1,500 customer sites.  However, he has not forgotten his modest beginnings. To this day, he still visits with cleaners on the work site to get their feedback and hear their ideas.Thumbs Up Cleaning is proud to count some of the most familiar brand-name companies in Australia among our customers.  If you have lately visited one of the companies listed below, there’s a chance that you may have already experiential our work first-hand without even realizing it.


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