Trisch Calleja Remedial Massage
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About Trisch Calleja Remedial Massage

"Trisch Calleja Remedial Massage HICAPS* & EFTPOS available (subject to your healthfund). Flexible hours by prior appointment only. GIFT VOUCHERS available. pre-Teenagers to Elderly & everyone inbetween. Whether you are a student, weekend warrior, garden enthusiast, office worker, Barista, concert pianist, parent, carer, courier, net surfer, sports enthusiast or loungelizard extraordinaire .....- everyone has aches that could benefit from a professional massage! Why come for a massage? Way too many reasons to list here! Some of the reasons people give me when i ask them ""So, what brings you here today"" - I get a huge variety of reasons- perhaps you can identify with some of them: - because my partner sent me! - i'm curious - i've never had a massage before - i've got this knot in my shoulder that just won't go away - trouble getting to sleep - recovering from surgery, physio has referred me for further soft tissue work (i get alot of these) - i feel like i'm falling apart, everythin


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