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One of the most popular services that the restorative dentistry practice offers is a tooth whitening service. They use a high-quality bleaching composite resin, composed of platinum and palladium, which works to gently remove years of stains and discolorations from your teeth. The high-tech composite resin is applied to your teeth by a trained, skilled dentist. Typically, many patients receive their very own tooth whitening treatment at the time of their consultation. Another popular procedure that the staff at this dental practice offers to their patients is root canal therapy. This highly specialized service removes a portion of the tooth surface, or the pulp, which has died, thus causing the tooth to be irreparably damaged. This disease process damages the nerves, which control the flow of blood, as well as the ability of the tooth to be cleaned properly. A highly trained dental assistant performs the root canal therapy, which may require multiple extractions depending on the severity of the condition of each tooth being affected. An additional type of service that this dentist provides to patients who are in need of dental care is sedation. This service is used for those who have an extremely difficult, painful, or embarrassing dental condition. The sedation works to calm those conditions to the point that the patient can be comfortably treated without fear of further pain or complications occurring in the future. Some common sedatives used include nitrous oxide, intravenous sedation, and orally ingested sedatives.


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