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About Valley Butchers.

Valley Butchers are Adelaide based butchers providing high quality meat and poultry products at affordable prices. We are your butcher of choice if you want : • High quality Australian-grown meat products • Fresh meat and free range poultry – straight from farm to your kitchen • Better assortment of products to choose from than a supermarket • Meats cut to order or prepared to suit your cooking requirements • Home delivery of your order in compliance with proper storage regulations At Valley Butchers, we have a deep respect for animals. We buy our products from farms where animals have lived happy lives. Our animals are fed natural diets, not pumped full of steroids or antibiotics and have their lives concluded as humanely as possible. We offer free range poultry, grass fed beef and lamb and locally grown pork. Walk into our butcher shop and we guarantee you’ll see cuts or types of meat you can’t find in the supermarket. Not only that, it will have been properly cut and stored. You won’t find chicken breasts plumped with saline water or bright red steaks gassed with carbon monoxide. Valley butchers take pride in their butcher skills, ability and knowledge about treatment of all meats meat. Our friendly team is always inventing new products to get you the perfect tasting meat for your family. We can even source meat or game according to your specifications.


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