North Ryde - Gitananda Yoga.
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About North Ryde - Gitananda Yoga.

Trevor Fox - Yogacharya Muralidharan: attended his first Yoga class at the age of 18. He professionally trained as a technician/electrician in the early 70’s. His interest in the phenomenon of Prana as a cosmic energy led him to enroll at IYTA of Australia where he obtained his certification as a yoga teacher in 1991. His continued interest in the subject of Prana guided him to Dr Swami Gitananda at ICYER, in India. Upon returning to Sydney Australia, he completed the correspondence course, and, in 1995, obtained ICYER’s teachers training course certification. He is the Chairman of the Gitananda Yoga Association of Australia and has organized three successful tours for Dr Ananda in Australia and New Zealand and accompanied him on his tour of South Africa. He has coordinated Intensive Yantra courses at ICYER by Swami Anandakapila Saraswathi (Dr Jonn Mumford) for many years and continues to assist Dr Ananda every year in conducting the Yantra course as a Senior Faculty member (Yogachary


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